Web Writing Is Truly Unique And Different


Web writing is truly unique and different!  Writing on the web is very different then you would think!!  The following shows 4 ways in which web writing is truly unique and different.  See below>

*First, the Web or Internet isn’t a commercial media outlet.  It’s very different>

Even though the Internet is currently full of advertisements and promotions, it wasn’t created to be that way. In fact, the largest and most successful websites are primarily social media sites.  The Internet belongs to the people surfing the net.  This means customers or the people reading what you write respond better to and share informational.

*Second, the web visitor is also the marketer>

In the past, marketers could more easily control their message. Now the Internet gives the consumer part of that power.  It can be positive when customers praise a business.  Part of writing for the Internet is highlighting the positives and overcoming any objections related to a product or service. Luckily, because so many customers are vocal online, you can get information directly from your target market that will help you write better copy.

*Third, the audience is alert and task-oriented>

A majority of web users know what they’re looking for whether it’s information, a product, or a service.  If they can’t find it right away, they may leave the website forever!  Luckily, you now know this and can make a big difference as a web writer by giving visitors what they’re looking for and capturing their attention immediately. You can also provide immediate results for your clients just by guiding visitors through the decision-making process.

Fourth, website visitors need relevance quickly> 

You can find just about anything online in an instant. For this reason, website visitors are getting very picky about what they’re looking for. They want very specialized and specific information.  Luckily, modern technology can tell you exactly what visitors want. That means you can tailor your copy to them for best results.

A Wide Variety of High-Paying Projects Await

When it comes to writing for the Web, the demand is high for ALL types of writing. But the variety is often what draws many to this high-paying writing opportunity. No matter what kind of writing you enjoy, you’ll find a number of projects on the Web.

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