How to Make Money Writing an E Book

Write an E Book Now!

Writing can take on many forms including articles, case studies, how-to guides, blogging, ghost writing, translating and even reports.  One of the biggest opportunities for you as a writer is to publish your own e-Book and build brand recognition.

I would like to cover how you can make money writing e-Books.  It’s not hard to do!  An e-Book can be short or if you wish, it can be detailed and complex.  But, in any case, there are a number of advantages in it for you and your web-site.  An e-Book can impact your business by building your brand, customer base, prospect list and there is a big SEO upside for your web-site.  If you are looking to make money, e-Books are excellent vehicles for any “Internet entrepreneur”.  Pick a topic, select your audience, do your research, learn your material, make sure to “add value” and start writing your book!  How to make money writing e-Books!

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E-Books are growing in popularity every day There is an enormous potential audience; everyone is looking for eBooks on-line.  Think about this; over 25% of Americans have eReaders and over 28% of Americans own tablets like iPad and Kindle.  If you wish, you can publish on Amazon. and take full advantage of  Kindle.  Note the numbers are increasing every day!  Over the last 10 years, websites, email and social media platforms like Twitter. Facebook and Linkedin have become vehicles for you to market your work.  Currently, Europe does lag behind the US in this technology, but they’re catching up.  This offers even more potential for e-Book sales and marketing world-wide.

E-Books can help you establish yourself as a writer.  If you can write and find your niche, you can build a strong following.  This will result in your readers purchasing your product, subscribing to your service and recommending your product to others.  Just remember that your book doesn’t have to be long.  It can be short, as long as it’s interesting and excites the reader.  Note the more pages or the longer the book, the better chance you’ll have in requesting a reasonable asking price, if you decide you want to sell it.  Short e-Books should be produced in frequency.  Pick an overall theme and use it for a series of short e-Books.  This will help you build and maintain your customer base.  It will also help you build trust and credibility with your followers.  It can even excite your customer base, thus resulting in “word of mouth” exposure.

Writing an e-Book is not costly.  It’s fairly inexpensive as compared to physical books.  They also are easily distributed.  You can target your audience or go worldwide looking for potential customers.  You can build your customer base with e-Books and even help you establish your web-site.  You can offer your e-Book free on your web-site.  This again, will help in increasing SEO and building/establishing your customer base.

Once you have written your new e-Book, take full advantage of it!  Sell it via Amazon so that Kindle users will have instant availability.  Make it available as a free download via PDF file and be sure to make note of it on your web-site or newsletter.  Also, use key words from your book on your site to attract visitors through internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..  Decide how you want your e-Book to work for you and then take full advantage of this opportunity.

Get started today.  Start making money writing e-Books!